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Operators lease a 2002 T-2000 Kenworth Aerocab Aerodyne from Alliance Leasing for weekly short term lease. Lease payments range from $575.00 to $640.00 weekly, plus a standard .035 cents per mile charge.

As an operator for Stevens Transport, you will have the opportunity to run in excess of 3000 miles per week.
Once you have signed a lease with Alliance Leasing you are guaranteed the opportunity to sign an Operating Agreement with Stevens Transport. When you are operating, you receive .81 cents per mile for all dispatched miles, loaded or unloaded, plus 1 cent per mile for temperature controlled operation generated by your truck. Stevens Transport insures that you get the loads and support needed to make you a success. License and permits paid by Stevens Transport.

Stevens Transport uses its enormous buying power for parts, fuel, tires and other items, then passes the savings on to you. Additionally, when you can save money on the road it's extra dollars in your pocket.

Alliance Leasing and Stevens Transport feel that their combined programs offer a unique opportunity to become your own businessperson and provide a better lifestyle for you and your family.

Profile: Alliance Lease Program/Stevens Transport

Name: Christen Blessing
Age: 35
Hometown: Helena, MT
Family: Single
Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, bicycling, skiing, running

Chris Blessing graduated from USTDS, Wheatridge, CO truck-driving school in 1998. This was his second go around in the transportation industry. He had been a driver years prior and went back to school for
recertification. He started with Stevens after graduation, March 26, 1998, and began his solo-driving career May 18, 1998. On May 14th, 1999, Blessing became part of the Alliance Fleet.

"Leasing is definitely the way to go for me," said Blessing. "It was a real smooth transition from Company driver to the Lease Program and I did it without having the burden of a down-payment."
"I’m also a Trainer for Stevens, so the miles have been great, I’ve
never been at a Company that offers so many different options with so many miles, I’ve never been happier," added Blessing.

On April 30, 2001, Blessing completed his short term two year lease.
After logging almost 345,000 miles during the lease term, Mr. Blessing
received his lease completion check for just under $16,000.00. He chose
the purchase option, and leased back to the Stevens Transport Contractor
Division as an Independent Contractor.

Words of advice to prospective lease drivers from Mr. Blessing: "If you
do not want to run and work hard, you should not participate. Plan your
time off accordingly. Think things out ? you are in business for
yourself. Keep a smile on your face, and keep after it!"

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